Relax and immerse yourself in a world of intricate patterns and vibrant hues

Unfold a canvas of calm and creativity with Amanda S. Olsen’s artful collection. From the soothing swirls of our coloring books to the expressive flair of our custom-designed mugs, tees, pins, and stickers—each product is a piece of passion, waiting to brighten your day. Step into Amanda’s creative sanctuary, and let every color, every line, tell your story.

Stylized low-poly design of an abstract geometric wolf, a creative representation

What I do

Coloring Books

Abstract animals, futuristic scenes, impossible landscapes, whimsical monsters, intricate mandalas, and spirited anime designs all await your touch.


Each shirt features exclusive designs from abstract to mandalas and polygonal patterns, perfect for making a statement or inspiring your everyday style.


Start your morning with a smile and a sip of style with beautiful mugs. Elevate your daily routine and embrace the charm of creativity in your hands!

And More

Showcase your unique style with leggings that turn heads, hoodies that hug your creativity, tote bags that carry art wherever you go and much more.

Marketplaces with which I collaborate

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